Broken Crystal

The composition process ebbs and flows much like a river, at times peaceful and calm and other times an uncontrollable raging force.  Whereas Mother Nature is the driving force behind the flowing river, relationships with our friends and family greatly influence the direction of a musical work. Love shines crystal bright and warms our lives. However, when broken, it leads to a dark and painful place one never expects. 

  • Instrumentation: 3333.4331.timp.3 per.harp.strings
  • duration: ca. 8 minutes

Chasing the Sun

Chasing the Sun for chamber orchestra draws it inspiration from nature and the energy source that sustains all life on our planet, the sun. Its radiant light begins and ends both day and night defining time and providing necessary nourishment. With this in mind, I contemplated what sustains and provides energy in my life? What keeps the wheels moving forward? What inspires and nourishes a wandering heart?

When I pondered these questions, a childhood story told to me by my parents in Taiwan came to mind. “ Kua Fu” is one of the earliest known myths. In Chinese mythology Kua Fu was a giant who wished to capture the sun. He was tall and strong with two yellow snakes hanging from his ears. 

One day out of the blue, he became perplexed by the Sun’s whereabouts at night and decided to chase and catch the sun. With each stride Kua Fu makes progress and slowly gets closer to the sun. He followed the sun from the east to the west. As he closed in on the daystar all the rivers and lakes that crossed his path were drained to quench his burning thirst. In the end the chase proved futile and he died in his impossible quest succumbing to extreme heat and exhaustion. Although Kua Fu failed, the story of his failed quest has inspired many people to be patient and not to overestimate their abilities when chasing their own imaginary suns. 

The sun nurtures the Earth; a dream feeds a starving soul. 

  • Instrumentation: 2222.2210/timp.1 per./strings
  • duration: ca. 6 minutes